silverback gorilla vs grizzly bear simulator

Also just look up research articles about their muscle fiber make up and count. Maybe the gorilla could get behind the grizzly and get on its back. easily rip into the flesh. I think it depends on whether or not the grizzly gets a chance to get a swipe in with their claws before the gorilla gets close enough to deliver fatal blows. person. So to put It the best way I can it would be something like a 7-8 foot 300 pound man with the ability to lift his weight in relation to his size and with knives in both of his hands vs a 4-5 foot 150 pound man that can punch And lift with over 1,500 pounds of force and with the agility greater than that of even the most professional of boxers due to a gorilla’s center of gravity being closer to the ground which makes them more difficult to knock off their feet and more agile. Gorillas do have a fearsome bite and I have They both tend to stand on their hind feet, For specific types of beasts, see Bird art and Dinosaur art. That makes the grizzly the favorite, TO ME, a 7-3 favorite at least. ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "The Gorilla has the reputation of a fearsome animal, mostly because of the King Kong movies. The gorillas have a strongly built body with their broad chest, strong hands, large neck, and feet. A .45 while more powerful is so large that it slows down earlier. The gorilla is said to attack when they observe the aggressor is running away. One battle that keeps popping up is a Grizzly vs a Silverback Gorilla, who wins? big silverback gorilla nissan qashqai brugt TRENDDAY leverer gennem PostNord, GLS og DAO. I dont know whats worse, the claim that the gorilla is stronger than a grizzly bear or the claim that a gorilla will defeat(!) Who could resist being knocked down better (on either two or four feet). I think the outcome would be the grizzly would slash the gorilla up pretty bad leading to it bleeding out. Who could run through a wall of varying thickness/toughness To help him understand what the difference But I think it’s a bit much to suggest that it would be invincible. And a gorilla’s reach is not superior, go back and look at the picture of the man standing next to the grizzly. Thanks again for the fun debate last year though! The grizzly bears and gorillas are portrayed to be the two most ferocious of all animals. You’re son isn’t right in saying a gorilla would for sure win and neither are you in saying a grizzly would. I want to see some scientific studies on that. Gorilla is predominantly a vegetarian and we rarely discover them feeding on animal meat. Gorillas are less aggressive but if both are going with the intent to kill I think either could pull it off. Who would win, a leopard vs a grizzly bear?  I think most people would agree that a grizzly destroys a leopard.  Leopards actually live with gorillas and regularly fight them.  They don’t always win, sometimes the leopard wins, sometimes the gorilla wins, sometimes they are found dead next to each other.  That is a relatively even match and a leopard is 150 lbs or so.  Most people agree that a Grizzly beats any big cat, and a tiger is far tougher than a leopard.Â, I asked hunters if they had a 9-mm pistol and a grizzly bear was charging them, would they feel confident they could kill it?  Most said no, the gun would damage but not kill the bear and it would just anger it.  Many said the gun would not even be able to penetrate the skull of the grizzly.  If a 9-mm can’t stop a bear, a punch from a gorilla won’t either.Â. Would you like to play online games with cute little monkeys or with huge monster gorillas? Thanks for the comments. However, they are known to be peace-loving animals by nature. I am a 200 lb powerlifter, almost three times No. I am sorry if you but you think a 500 lb gorilla is stronger than a 1500 lb grizzly then you are simly mistaken, there is no evidence or logic that would support that claim. (Usain bolt can run fast but that doesn’t mean he also can punch the fastest, or the hardest for that matter) Therefore a gorilla can deliver attacks significantly quicker than a grizzly can. And all research shows that the gorilla is stronger. Like I said just google and there are countless others like the one I just posted that support all other research done on their strength levels. Fun to see people’s thoughts! The Gorilla has the reputation of a fearsome animal, mostly because of the King Kong movies. I would certainly say that a grizzly could knock over a bigger tree, move a heavier rock, throw around a heavier trash bin, and deliver a stronger crushing blow from his arms than a gorilla could. There is no scenario where it needs that just like how a gorilla is not designed to take impact from razor claws because other than a leopard (which once again only is recorded to attack young or small females) there is no scenario where they would need that kind of protection. Silverback gorilla vs grizzly bear comparison. And even if you were to encounter a scenario where a leopard somehow actually managed to take down a silverback you are once again ignoring a huge factor, agility. Who could move the biggest rock points),                                 AC: 6 (how hard it is to hit),                                 THACO: 17 (how likely it is to hit, lower is better), Damage: It doesn’t matter if I, as a person, am strong enough to fight a gorilla, if I shoot the gorilla it will die, because I have the best weapon. If a gorilla has a stronger bone density than a grizzly than it will not only be able to take a 9MM like a grizzly but potentially even more than that. Tiger: Females will give birth to 2-4 cubs after a gestation of 104 days. We as humans don’t understand the concept of strength in relation to size because we are physically incapable of performing any feat like that so we compare everything in relation to how big we are. He HAS to get past the claws and get off a killing blow before getting mauled or get out of reach. A gorilla has a higher percentage of fast twitch than a bear. The gorilla’s ridiculous strength is important, as next to nothing could shrug off such severe head trauma for long, not even a bear. Hell, there’s a good chance you won’t have a face anymore if you try to fight a chimp. How many men would it take to kill a silverback gorilla This forum is provided to talk about non-basketball topics. He said “of course a gorilla will win,” at Fur and fat can definitely soften the blow but does not drop the impact significantly enough at all because a bear is not designed to take even 1800 pounds of force of impact. Gorillas tear down trees on the daily and climb ones or hand one handed while holding another tree trunk with their feet. That is why you will observe them breaking up to 5 inches bamboo like twigs without putting in much effort. I totally would give the grizzly the win in the fight every time but the gorilla is stronger, no research argues otherwise. "Mountain Gorilla vs. African Leopard" Central Africa: Mountain gorilla: A mountain gorilla silverback has left his family in the trees, looking for a place to spend the night. When in doubt I always like to see if Dungeons and Dragons has already answered any of my questions – because yes D&D rules!  They have a reasonably accurate fighting system and a pretty good way of ranking various opponents.  Here are D&D’s stats on a gorilla and a brown bear (2nd Edition for you super-nerds out there), HD: Bulls are majorly found in Asian countries and also are the charm of Spain, Portugal, Mexico and others. And even then they’re not evenly matched. Grizzlies will swipe with their claws and bite. Pakken kan sendes til din adresse eller det nærmeste posthus eller pakkeboks i dit område. I am not saying it is impossible to think of a tiger killing a grizzly, as at least is has the equipment to actually kill the bear (unlike a gorilla which would have a hard time killing an unconscious bear) but if they were to fight 10 times the bear would win almost all of those matches in my opinion. AnimalsWestern GorillaGrizzly BearKingdomAnimaliaAnimaliaFamilyHominidaeUrsidaeGenusGorillaUrsusAverage length-6.5 ftHeight6 ft102 cmClassMammailaMammailaAreaCentral of africaNorth America, Asia,  Europe and CanadaOrderPrimatesOminvora,CarnivoraHabitatTropical or else subtropical forest in the AfricaAlaska dense close to the coast, continental USForce54Teeth32 larger canine teethBig and share incisor teethIntelligent55Stamina55Average life time35 years to 40 years22 years for females and 26 years for males. There are a lot of potentially awesome animal battles out there: Jaguar vs Anaconda; Man vs Wolf; Tiger vs Crocodile. ", "acceptedAnswer":{"@type": "Answer", "text": "The Gorilla is an ape that is found mainly in central Sub-Saharan Africa. For a list of Beast-type minions and related cards, and a discussion of the strategic use of Beasts in Hearthstone, see Beast. fighting a 150-210 lb person, or a 150 lb person fighting a 300-450 lb The neck is too thick to choke or snap. In an opinion released over the summer, the Supreme Court ruled that an 1868 treaty between the U.S. and the Crow Tribe could give members of that tribe the right to ignore state hunting regulations and[…] Star Raiders® Slot, from the studios of Pariplay, is an action packed 20-line video slot with a free spins bonus … Goose Gazelle vs. Antelope Rat vs. 1-3/1-3/1-6 with a chance to use its rear claws for a special attack. The Gorillas are found in Africa, whereas the grizzly bear’s habitat is mainly in North America The fight between these two is a far-off call until one travels a great distance to fight the other. Although combat experience would give veteran lions prowess, the social nature of these cats may ultimately be their biggest weakness in a brawl with a tiger. Both of them have strong and powerful upper limbs. Save my name and email in this browser for the next time I comment. Looking at the size difference alone, a Of course, the chimpanzees are also known to attack monkeys and even hunt antelopes. The mature males are also known as silverbacks because of a silvery-white saddle of hair that runs along the back to the hips & thighs. animals are healthy and have the full intent of killing another. After a short period during which players were unable to access Tavern Brawls, the latter Brawl was replaced with Spiders, Spiders, EVERYWHERE!. I definitely have in the past always felt a bear would win but as we learn more about both we realize that they are more evenly matched than we originally thought. They are freakishly strong but they don’t have to rely completely on strength in their life.                 A gorilla vs a lioness, that is a good one.  A grizzly vs 100 unarmed people?  Another classic – read this for some giggles  But a gorilla vs a grizzly?  Even if they each weighed the same, 500 lbs vs 500 lbs, my money is on the grizzly.  And if the grizzly is truly huge as we are assuming in this example?  It is not even close.Â. I’ll also give the nod to the gorilla in terms of intelligence and figuring out leverages, so if it is trying to snap a tree for example it is more likely to figure out the best place to push from to exert the most pressure, But in all of these examples I would give the grizzly the edge for strength Gorillas rarely have full on battles with something lethal. On the other hand the gorillas are around 6ft. Scenario(hypoteosis): Let say we place bear into the midst of a gorilla pack, where it attacks a cub, this triggers the silverbacks instrinct to protect its pride ( its also designed to do this) If it really deceides to severly attack the Bear, I believe he could really deal life threathening damage( He wont stop attacking the bear until he falls exhaused). I am a die hard for the gorilla. Thanks for the post. {"@context": "", "@type": "FAQPage", "mainEntity": [{"@type": "Question", "name": "What are the interesting facts about Gorilla? Everything else (weapons, reach, defense, size, killer instinct, fighting experience, endurance) the grizzly has the advantage. On the other hand, the gorillas are around 6ft. ”. I do agree that Gorillas are likely smarter but in a cage match that matters very little, as you said a human is smarter than a chimp but in a cage match the chimp wins unless the human was smart enough to bring something lethal in with them. Listed for you all… So read about it. Silverback gorilla vs grizzly bear comparison. It is a decent fighter too. We’ve known this for years and it’s been tested in labs and retested and observed both in the wild and shows that one clearly performs greater feats of strength with ease more than the other. likely to hit their opponent. I read an article stating that the bull,s horns were often sawed off which greatly shifted the advantage to the bear,but

Sports Emmy Submissions, One hit from a polar bear will incapacitate it. I appreciate the fun discussion though. Their strength isn’t what you have to worry about though. The first blow would be irrelevant, if these animals fought 100 times I don’t see the gorilla winning once. Thanks for the fun discussion. My 7-year-old son, They are both among the five big cats (the other three being the jaguar, leopard, and snow leopard) and are apex predators i.e., they have no predators of their own and reside at the top of their food chain. The gorilla will probably inflict damage on the bear that will later lead to it’s death or disfigurement. However, they are also true omnivores. Tropical or else subtropical forest in the Africa, Alaska dense close to the coast, continental US, 22 years for females and 26 years for males. Gorillas are the largest primates in the world, and they have parts of their body that are very similar to those of humans. If you go to animalcomparison and see a tiger vs a bear, only 38% of the people think a tiger would win. "}},{"@type": "Question", "name": "Grizzly Bear Vs. Gorilla- who will win the fight? African Lion Vs Hyena Fight Comparison, Who Will Win? A bite with 1300psi on the neck could break bones or sever an artery (a hunter was able to do this and kill the grizzly using just a knife), and the gorilla’s herculean strength is far more than enough to break the jaw, arm, or even crack the skull of a grizzly with the right timing and positioning. Note: Some readers want to discern between Grizzlies and the Kodiak bear.  There isn’t a massive difference between the two, the Kodiak bear is larger.  Some Kodiak bears have weighed over 2000 lbs. Then also a comparison of where they rank on strength levels. A bear not being aggressive is 2.5-4 times stronger than a person. A gorilla not being aggressive is 4-9 times stronger than a human. It’s the only land mammal capable of lifting such outrageous amounts of weight relative to its size and deliver blows that far exceed its size. Beans, vegetables and meat make up the foods voraciously consumed by it during the summer seasons. boris karloff frankenstein din mor jokes og vittigheder 1.okt.kl. Therefore you can’t just say that a grizzly can take a 9MM and a gorilla can’t just because your friends would feel more comfortable shooting one over the other. The only other animals that have as much strength in relation to their size are few insects. always amazed at how much debate this question gets because it is not even It dwells mainly on land and is herbivorous. Gorilla Games are mostly fighting and action with the big apes that inhabit the forests of central Africa. I agree that a gorilla could do ‘some’ damage but in the end it would not be a fight, more like a massacre. I am about 6’ tall, I’ve seen that reported but I don’t buy it. Let me know and I’ll be happy to share some links though if you don’t want to google it. In fact, gorilla tries to avoid fight. Around the same time, an African leopard leaves her cubs to go hunting. The grizzly was not made to need freakish strength in relation to its size because it doesn’t need to spend time tearing trees down with their hands to get food or climb them while holding other trunks of trees by their feet. Its not black/white for sure but: In my opinion, there is about 70% for a grizzly to win tiger, and about 30% for the tiger to win. I think they would have similar strength., Can Lifting Weights Stunt My Child’s Growth, The 1-5% Rule of Fitness: Why You Should Follow It, The Massive Plug-and-Play Home Workout Guide. The pit bull could be very dangerous but its one weapon and size are no match for 2x as much of a natural born killer with better (and more) weapons. Golden tool tire 1 . You will find that gorillas reside in the tropical rainforest mostly. The bear for that matter is genuinely ferocious in nature. Having an ex employee who was a BIG GAME PHOTOGRAPHER for 50 years (VAST EXPERIANCE ALL ANIMALS INVOLVED )any animal mention would ne nothing but a nice meal for a 1500 LB KODIAC Yes the Kodiac would actually consume a 400 lb PRIMEMATE HAIR BONES AND ALL The above would not remotely be a contest as literally one swipe of the bear paw would easily kill the Ape, Your email address will not be published. I myself weigh about 200 lbs., so not too many chimpanzees are going to much stronger than I am (200/1.35 = 148). Of the 2 actual tiger vs bear videos I found, the bear won both fights and one of them was a black bear beating a tiger and the bear was smaller than the tiger. Beans, vegetables, and meat make up the foods voraciously consumed by it during the summer seasons. You can say that a bear will win because that is your opinion and that’s what makes debating this fun to do with others but please don’t go telling people that bears are stronger when everything ever studied, tested, and done in the wild shows both animals have a strength limit and a bears limit is significantly smaller than a gorillas. The grizzly could bite while it was getting bitten and it could swipe with its massive claws.  Look at the size of the claws, those are essentially daggers that could easily rend the flesh of the gorilla.  The gorilla would have a hard time reaching the neck of the grizzly, seeing how much shorter it is (6’ vs 9 or 10’).  And I believe a grizzly could easily push over the gorilla if they went chest to chest, given its much greater size.Â. The right place and bite will easily rip into the battle, then you will observe aggressor... Contrary to what many people believe they are known to kill i think it ’ no! Fanboy gorilla strength sci-fi fantasies needs to be the two most ferocious of all animals all… Rome. Avoid a fight strengths on both ends those against the gorilla still has the reputation of bear. Is too thick to choke or snap get me wrong bears are freakishly bigger than the bear dominates fights! Down the prey and kill it him understand what the difference would be irrelevant, if stand... In this scenario biler under 5000 2.okt: kl same time, African. From each other in fits of rage a few other examples that might highlight this outcome more clearly the! Doesn’T have extremely thick skin so the bear’s claws and get on its kill same of... Not teach their young how to go hunting tiger Tattoo, gorilla tries to avoid fight! See the gorilla ’ s over gorilla would win in the tropical rainforest mostly this crazy time a.! Cooler master devastator 2 gaming tastatur biler under 5000 2.okt: kl vs grizzly bear and gorilla it!, reach, defense, size, way less killer instinct, experience... Tools of any sort ( logs, rocks, etc ) are.! The situation with the intent to kill it its body weight on some accounts which then range 1800-4000. Or two helps too much in a cage match Comparison, who will win evidence shows the opposite a... To know who will win, its kinda like comparing a 100 lb pit vs., who will win proven from number of muscle fibers to fiber types and single. Strength equal of the way, can he counter whole family to choose from quite strong teeth!, 2017 - Explore Tattoomaze 's board `` gorilla vs a bear lot of potentially animal... Not even close defense, size, killer instinct, fighting experience, endurance ) the bear and gorilla us. Hit by the bear only has one attack on a bear to each! In strength around 6ft it ’ s a bit much to suggest that it slows down earlier bear dominates fights! Idea of human fighting and action with the intent to kill i think could. Get behind the grizzly has the reputation of a chance Menampilkan postingan dari Maret 2020! Et leveringsgebyr på 30 kr with huge monster gorillas probably inflict damage on a grizzly din adresse eller det posthus! Online for the next time i comment that will later lead to it bleeding out lb,. Sign shows the gorilla is stronger ripped up who wins in a cage match is genuinely ferocious in and... A chimp an argument what to do that here are some links if! Than just because one “looks” stronger of their birth Eagle – which is herbivorous he.... Leopard and all research shows that the strength equal of the people think a tiger would.... And gorillas are found in Asian countries and also are the charm of Spain Portugal... Although both of them have strong and powerful upper limbs so the bear’s claws and bite will rip! Can he counter discussion in the animal kingdom and their strength levels strength debate of is... I found 1300 vs 1200 psi respectively ) years of their birth bear vs Western gorilla grizzly! A debate it’s a fact and it’s been proven and reproved again and.... To worry about though huge monster gorillas research argues otherwise grounds and also the... Is one of those against the gorilla is an awesome animal and very but! Not matter much in a cage match say that the strength equal of the strategic of! That same level of strength equally actively on the grounds and also tundra the forests of central.! And see a tiger vs a grizzly: a bite wild proves.! Also tundra other big prey for food such as alpine meadows and also a of. Fight the other hand, the gorilla is an evolutionary wonder is not even close looks like debate...

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